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Outdoor Travel Weighted Blanket

Outdoor Travel Weighted Blanket

  • ANCHORTECHTM TECHNOLOGY: Our patented AnchorTechTM border uses weighted anchor points to ensure your blanket stays securely in place wherever you use it. Weighing 7.5 lbs, the distributed weights keep the blanket firmly grounded to any outdoor surfaces.
  • WEATHERPROOF SURFACE: Designed with weatherproof fabric and ultra-sonic stitching to create a barrier against rain, sand, and other outdoor elements. The innovative construction removes moisture and resists absorption, so you stay comfortable and dry.
  • STORAGE POCKET: Designed with a zippered storage pocket conveniently built into the weighted blanket to protect your valuables and make them easily accessible. This secure, dedicated storage space keeps your items within reach.
  • INTEGRATED CARRY HANDLE: With a built-in handle and straps that swiftly roll up the camp blanket, no extra bag is required for smooth transport or storage. 
  • MULTIPURPOSE: At a generous 94 x 78 inches, our weighted blanket effortlessly wraps around 2 people or provides the ideal family-sized picnic, beach, or camping blanket.

1-Year Limited Warranty

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