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30 Degree Oversized Sleeping Bag

30 Degree Oversized Sleeping Bag

  • COMFORT LEVEL: This sleeping bag is just right for cozying up in temperatures between 30°F and 50°F.
  • BIG AND TALL: This sleeping bag is made for you tall campers out there! This sleeping bag is longer than a traditional bag, making it a comfortable fit for campers who are 6 feet and taller.
  • VERSATILE SNAP: With a top snap-down feature, you can customize the fit for optimal comfort and temperature control, making it easier to achieve the perfect sleeping conditions for a restful night.
  • LINER INTEGRATION: Customize your sleeping experience with the option to add a CORE liner, held securely in place with the interior loops - perfect for those who like to fine-tune their comfort level.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: This sleeping bag is made from a machine-washable, durable ripstop fabric and filled with hollow core fiber, ensuring both comfort and longevity.

1-Year Limited Warranty

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